Cloudy Spring Day


Sharing some photos from a perfect day in April …

It was one of those days that was really warm for the season, a little bit windy and some overcast clouds. This, in combination with the wild violets popping up over untamed meadows makes for a moment when you feel like you’re in a beautiful, dark fairy tale.

I’ve realized that when it is overcast outside, the lighting is great for taking pictures.

We also happened to be at a beautiful location, the Montrose Inn in Belleville, right at this perfect moment for a photo opportunity. My family and I were there having high tea, something we usually do in April for my birthday. It was lovely and I definitely recommend going if you like historical buildings and antique decor.

The owners were kind enough to let us tour the property and take pictures.

Shealyn-windy-day Wild Blue Flowers Overcast Sky_ Shealyn-April-02


The sights of the violets popping up in Spring and the feeling in the air of everything coming alive again is one of the many joys of living in a part of the world that has changing seasons.

Only lawns that are not regularly manicured have the pleasure of being blessed by the presence of the violets. On properties that are mowed and sprayed with “weed killers” this natural beauty won’t occur. Actually some people that are OCD about keeping their lawns perfectly sanitized, regard them as weeds. Seems blasphemous.

DSC00582 Britt_blueflowers